Palmier Meets Gigi and Olive - Georgie Le Roux

Palmier Meets Gigi and Olive - Georgie Le Roux

We met with Georgie Le Roux, a London based entrepreneur who is not only intimidatingly cool, stylish and charming - she also recently launched Gigi & Olive, an Bachelorette & Bridal boutique - putting the chic back into hen parties and wedding prep.

We absolutely love the unique concept behind Gigi and Olive and your mission statement. What was the biggest hurdle you have found so far, setting up your own company?

Thank you! There have been so many learning curves but I think the biggest hurdle has been time management and understanding that not everything is going to go perfectly or hit your planned deadlines. Instead of letting it slow you down you just need to be able to change and adapt.


When sourcing products, what were you looking for from brands?

As well as great products, I really wanted to partner with female-founded brands and support emerging entrepreneurs wherever possible. It's essential for me to work with like-minded brands whose products are ethically sourced, handcrafted and are made to keep.


If you had to pick your top hen destination, what would it be?

I would have to say either Ibiza or Barcelona

3 Top tips to girls planning a hen party?

  1. Keeping it small (ish) really helps on logistics and costs when going abroad, it also means the group doesn’t splinter and the bride gets to hang out with everyone. When we say small we still mean 8-12 people.
  2. Be upfront from the beginning on costs to the group - everyone’s on different budgets and the more transparent you can be at the start the better.
  3. Having an itinerary is great to build the a buzz, but remember you don't have to overpack the weekend. The best times can come from hanging out with a few sundowners or a bottle of rosé. 


We love that the company name and ethos is inspired by you and your sister’s relationship. Did she have much input in the buying?

Olivia has the most incredible eye and I’ve always been so inspired by her. Her advice to me was only buy what you or the customer will absolutely adore, don’t buy things for the sake of it or to tick a box.


What can we expect to see from Gigi and Olive in the next few years?

I am hoping that the business will grow and become a real destination for women to buy a fantastic edit of bridal and female focused products.


Where was the last place you went on holiday?

Ibiza - for a wedding!


5 Things you won’t travel without?

  • Aveda mini shampoo/conditioner
  • Passport
  • Eye mask
  • An extremely soft jumper
  • The Monocle city guidebook to wherever I’m going - they’re the best.


Sand or snow?



What’s your favourite hotel?

The Crosby in New York


What’s your favourite Palmier item?

The Chelsea bomber jacket


What books have you read / are you reading at the moment?

At the moment I am reading Margaret Atwood’s The Testaments.

Other favourites this year: Non fiction - How to fail by Elizabeth Day and Fiction - Normal People by Sally Rooney


One thing you can’t live without?



3 Wardrobe staples?

Any reformation dress - I love mid length as I’m tall. Veja trainers and soft jumpers - I’m always cold!


Best Advice you ever received?

Kill them with kindness - from my Mother.


Do you believe in investment pieces?

Definitely, especially now where we live in a time where people buy so much. It really is better to buy things you absolutely love and can’t live without that you will stand the test of time in style and quality.


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