Palmier Meets Luna Love

We chatted to Emily Weller, the Founder of accessories brand Luna Love at her über cool design studio in Haggerson. Inspired by her confidence in her use of colour, a world away from Palmier's pastel palette, we wanted to find out what is behind the unique fashion forward brand and what inspired her to start it up. 

(Emily is wearing the Palmier Nikki Skirt)


What was your inspiration behind Luna Love?

I am fascinated with colour and geometric shapes and being a graphic designer really helped drive my inspiration for Luna Love. I have always been passionate about pushing fashion boundaries with my own appearance and wanted to create a range of accessories that echoed my sense of style by using vibrant hues, contrasting colour ways and playful textures.

We love that Luna Love isn’t afraid to use bright bold colours, what three words best describes your Luna girl?

Experimental, avant-garde and fabulous.   

Can we expect to see any new products in the next few months?

Yes, I am currently sourcing new fabrics and developing new ideas based around the theme of Love. Make sure to keep an eye out! 

What is your favourite Palmier piece and how would you style it with something from your own collection?

I would style The Amanda top (my favourite Palmier item) with a red and pink Tala and heart hassle handbag, a pair of jeans for casual and cool style, or leather trousers for that sassy Saturday night on the town.



What is the biggest learning curve you have experienced since starting Luna Love.

The biggest set back I had was when I first began Luna Love, my manufacture wasn’t to the level I expected and I ended up having to scrap many units of new stock because the fabric was faulty. It taught me a huge lesson and took time and money to sort the problem out. It was a tough start and I eventually changed manufactures. Even though it was a huge learning curve, when you first set up your own business, it’s all about trial and error so you can learn from your mistakes.  


What advice would you give someone who is wanting to start their own business?

Never give up. If you want something you have to work hard for it. Even when you think you can’t take it anymore and things get tough, keep pushing because the rewards of getting it right are definitely worth the mistakes. 

We were slightly obsessed her kittens Rocco and Akira :)

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