Palmier Meets Gigi and Olive - Georgie Le Roux

  We met with the lovely Georgie Le Roux who recently launched her beautiful online boutique offering all things....    We absolutely love the uni...

Palmier Places - Bolivia

Palmier co-founder Chloe gives an insight into her unforgettable honeymoon in South America where she travelled around Argentina, Peru, Bolivia and Uruguay. Here she shares her travel guide to Bolivia. 

Palmier Meets Luna Love

We chatted to Emily Weller, the Founder of accessories brand Luna Love at her uber cool design studio in Haggerson. 

Q&A with Laura Vandervoort

At Palmier we're always on the lookout for stylish, ambitious and fierce women so when we came across Canadian actress Laura Vandervoort we knew within minutes she was part of our tribe.  

Welcome to Palmier

Welcome to Palmier
Palmier was conceived in London by two friends who have a mutual passion for simple yet elegant clothing. We wanted to design a collection that was both versatile and minimalist, that could be worn just as easily as on the beach and in the city.